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Exercise 1 (Video Presentation) - Jaime Sastre Vicens

In the first place, before I start talking about my chosen houses, I think we should reflect and arise who is the figure of the architect and his intentions to tackling any project, in this case, any project destined for a family life.

My choices are Frank´s Gehrys house of Frank Gehry, Can Lis of Jorn Utzon and house in Lège of Lacaton and Vassal.

Frank´s Gehrys house of Frank Gehry

This house was built in California in 1977-78. Your wife bought a small pink bungalow and Gehry decided to remodel the house building around it, your result was so good that house ended up being gunned.
Gehry realize a distinction between old (the small pink bungalow) and new (the expansion), he had little money so experiment with cheap materials, among them the metals mesh, plywood and galvanized sheet.
Your house was aesthetically different compared to the other houses.

Can Lis of Jorn Utzon

This house was built in Mallorca in 1972. Utzon lived in Sydney (Australia) under pressure so he and your wife decided to leave and he moved to Mallorca.

In Malloca, delighted with the island, he decided to build a housed which put the name of your wife (Lis).

The house have extraordinary sea views, all the rooms have sea views, besides for your construction used a local material, a local sandstone.

The house is also called the house of the Sun, because the family life at home follow a route along the day coinciding with the path of the sun.

House in Lège of Lacaton and Vassal

This house was built in Lège in 1998. The owners had a steep land, which used during the vacation period. Besides the owners wanted to respect nature in the construction of your house.

After listening to owners appear the idea of the house on the tree. For it, they use the method of the addiction, and the house is pierced by six trees.

The house have views to the bay due to its elevation above the land.

The most fascinating is the house has insulation under it by corrugated aluminium plates which reflects the water and creates an artificial sky.

Occurs a union between architecture and nature.

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