jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Exercise 1-Johannes Michael Schneider

“no matter what is done, but with whom”
This is the reason why your grandmum’s food allways tastes better than anywhere else, even in the most expensive restaurant. Sharing bad movies makes them good and funny if you watch them with your friends. This concept makes social networks posible and converts  “sharing is lifre” to a new concept.

The first house of my selection is the “house in a pulm Grove” by Kasuyo Sejima.
It’s owners wanted a normal house without any decoration on the outside to keep a simple and humble facade. It is planed as a refuge for the mind. The rooms are separated but keep their conection with cuts in the inner walls leting the space flow from one room in to an other conecting them, and conecting the family.

In my second choice  this concept is radicaly aplied on the building , The naked house, by Shigeru Ban. The bedrooms are Simply cubes with two sides open on wheels, wich make it posible to move them all around the building or even move them into the garden. This concept convertes the space inclosed by he “rooms” into a corridor or into a living room depending of their position and orientation adapting to the needs that are present in the moment. The bathrooms and the kitchen however, keep their places because of their needs to water instalations.

My third house is the Vila Saint-Cast, by Dominique Rerrault, made for a client who loves saling on the ocean. This building, just like a boat, is divided into two diferent areas. The first one is, just like in the underdeck of a boat, consists of sanitary equipment, kitchen and bedrooms, on a small area to limitate the activities realised in each room to their minimum and maximise surface of the rest of the house. This idea makes the second area, the deck, more relevant and important. All the Vertical windows are concentrated on one big picture window, forcing the user of the building to move out of the “underdeck” to enjoy the views. This convertsthe deck to the place where the life happens, making it easy to adjust the space to the momental needs with simple mobile walls and forniture making it a big open area, easy to adjust to the needs of the users without any economic costs.

In my opinion this concept makes us live together, and not against each other.  personal Colaboration is allways more fun than personal cometition, and theese three houses express  that idea at their best. And in the end, life is not a race, its a journey.

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