jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Exercice 1, Video - Aitor Carratalá Sánchez

STRETTO HOUSE -  Steven Holl

I going to talk about the Stretto house of Steven Holl in Dallas, Texas.
I was surprised because customers gave freedom creation to Holl´s project. A time to get to work the architect saw that the ground was very quiet. But the place was also very loud because there were 3

rivers that flowed in a dam.
Holl thinks that the ground looks like music. Especially it seems Bella Bartok music.  Bella Bartok at 1936( nighteen thirty sex) created a song that mix all the instruments. Then Holl created a project that mix geometries, materials, volumes, smells and textures.


Miranda Santos House is telling the story and the progress of Alvaro Siza, and what able is the architecture to change.
Starting from a dark house, Siza change it for the new user, giving a new spirit to the construction.
Subsequently, he designs the furniture of the house, and this is the end of a large project, telling the history of these people and his progress as an architect.


I will not talk about Frank Gehry house because I want to talk about him, their emotions, their thoughts and their acts of rebellion to society.
For me Frank is a crazy man. But in this world are crazy men who succeed in life. Steve Jobs was a crazy man, Salvador Dalí was a crazy man, now, Messi is a crazy man, and for me, Frank Gehry is the crazy man of the architecture.
And Frank shows in every one of his works, and is in this house where his madness begins, when not yet had his fame as an architect.

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