lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014


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  1. Que original, con que lo habeis hecho? me recuerda a los abstractos de aig. El primero si le entiendo bien, pero el segundo no ayudais?

    1. Yes, of course.. . The first one is about the house in Legè and we have made the collage with pieces of paper of different colours. The second collage is about the Maison à Bordeaux and we have made this with pieces of colour paper too, with metal cable and with painted green rice, to simulate the outside of the house. In this second collage we represent the relation between the house and the person who lived there (wheelchair) that equal to the life of the client, depends on a cable. In the right part you can see the elevator and the big library that Koohaas had desingned to the client.

  2. These collages attract much attention because it uses a different technique to everyone else, and I agree that is original. But in the first I think otherwise could have explained more aspects of the house. However, it is a different job and cool

  3. The second collage is quite hard to understand if you have no previous explanation but the technique is original

  4. The fact that theese collages are made with diferent materials instead of simply photoshop is really atractive, I hope that I can feel them this friday