jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Maryam Rahimli (exercise 1)

   I read all stories and 6 stories attracted me.
   One of them is House in Lege (by Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal). Architects actually have combined architecture and nature. It is one of the reasons that I liked this house and its history. Because my native city in Azerbaijan- Sheki is located in the encirclement of the mountains (which are whole green in summer and whole white in winter). In a word I love nature. Other causes are selection of materials and usage of trees without being injured in construction of building.
   Another house is Blas House in Sevilla la Nueva, Madrid (by Alberto Campo Baeza). Nature and landscape influenced to my this choice too. But the main factor is emotions with music. I have graduated music school (6 years) and I play piano and kamancha (Azerbaijan national musical instrument). When I read this story I went back to my these years.. Specially this sentence in the story involved me: "Francisco de Blas wanted something more than a house, that he wanted place where emotions and reflections were part of the building material".
   The Stretto House in Dallas (by Steven Holl). This house really connects and combines a lot of things in itself. In other words it is harmony and this harmony makes extraordinary this building. The architect uses his senses and looks at everything in artistical point of view. Textures, sounds, all things have been chosen perfectly and this house is actually extraordinary.
   And other 3 stories are about House in Baiao (by Eduardo Souto de Moura), Ernest Mourmans` House in Belgium (by Ettore Sottsass) and Villa Bollen in Holland.
   In my point of view all architects in stories (which I chose) have used combination of silence and nature. When they have connected these points each other they have found art, history, music and etc. in architecture and have applied these to their projects.

                                                                                                                              Maryam Rahimli

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