jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

     Video (Exercise 1) - Agustín Juan Castelló


Hi, I am Agustín Juan Castelló and these are the reasons why I have chosen my 3 houses:


-What attracted me to deepen  into this story was the freedom that the clients offered to the architect with the phrase , "You can do what you want " , but finally I chose this house for his musical involvement , as I have studied for 10 years in the music conservatory of Lorca, I wanted to know how music can intervene directly in the creation of architecture and  I wanted to see if my music studies can help me in this career.


-This summer I traveled to Bilbao and I visited the Guggenheim Museum which I found amazing,  and when I  saw in the stories of houses an article about Gehry I decided to look it. I have found very strinky that his neighbors shot gehry´s home because I see this as if Lebron James invented a new shot , unlike normal releases, and people wanted to destroy all the balls to lebron  cant throw more, despite he get results and he is a great player. Although these people are football´s followers. Many people when they see something different, that breaks the monotony, they think wrong and qualify this new element, despite having no judgment in the matter. In this article I also liked the idea of ​​a house that evolves , which is modified depending on its habitants over the time.


- In this case I chose this house for my curiosity , because here was intended to create a home where a few items without relation should live together , such as an art collection and a birds  collection in danger of extinction. The result was the union of family life with birds and pictures, creating a home that could be a natural park and a museum .

Finally I conclude with the reasons why I have chosen these houses : the interest derived from a hobby, an experience through a trip and curious to see how the situation develops.

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