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Stories of Houses - İrem Baş

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I am İrem Baş, when i read the articles in blog,  the first thing that influenced me was  “magic” and “soul” .
First,  The Naked House in Kawagoe  by Shigeru Ban. In this house, there is a spirit of Japan tradition. It requires to strengthen the relationships between family.  In the project, the building is on the background with all its simplicity and lightness. The important thing is here, the family. This house flying slowly in the forests  with its family inside it.

The other project is The Gugalun House by Peter Zumthor. The first reason for chosing this house is of course Peter Zumthor. Before i read the article i already know that Zumthor has a deep feeling about his projects. The other reasons are respect and the conservation the memories. The family wants to keep their memories in that house in a modern way and Zumthor  especially protected some parts of home. For example the hypocaust.

The last one is Can Lis and Can Feliz in Mallorca by Jørn Utzon. We all know The Opera House Project. After  resigning his project, when he came back to his home with stress and bad mood, suddenly he discover a magic place for rest and giving is wife’s name for that project is also worthy.  This place must be very meaningful for him until tourists come to visit. When the magic break down, he begins looking for a new one and that was Can Feliz. I don’t if he could catch the same thing there but this is a story about a man who is looking for  a magic.

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