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G6- Panel Microarchitecture

 House in Lege _ Adrián

A continuación muestro un enlace de un vídeo que he realizado en el que se puede apreciar el modelado de la estructura de las lamas:


Nota: En la infografía y el vídeo no he dibujado el techo superior para mejorar la visualización del      interior de la casa.

Puesto que uno de los problemas que sufren las personas que padecen retinosis pigmentaria, es la dificultad de ver en los momentos en los que una luz directa incide sobre su ojo, como puede ser los rayos del sol, planteo un detalle en el que se observa el acceso a la casa y una serie de lamas correderas. Las he planteado mediante tres carriles (con 2 lamas por carril) y de tal forma que según el sol va realizando su recorrido éstas van moviéndose de éste a oeste, evitando de ésta forma la entrada de luz directa a la estancia interior y la posibilidad de percibir el mar cuando éstas están plegadas y el son no incide sobre la estancia interior.

En verano, puesto que el ángulo de incidencia del sol respecto la horizontal para la zona de Francia en la que se encuentra la casa es 68,65º, a partir de las 12 no es necesaria la presencia de las lamas en la fachada sur del porche.

How one of the problems that people with retinitis pigmentosa, is difficult to see at times where direct light hits your eye, such as the sun , posed a detail that can be seen access to the house and a series of sliding lamas. I have raised with three lanes (with 2 blades per lane ) and such that as the sun is making its route they are moving from east to west , avoiding in this way the entrance to direct light to the interior room and the possibility of perceive the sea when they are folded and are not incident on the inner room . In summer , since the angle of incidence of the sun relative to the horizontal area of ​​France where is the house is 68,65º , from 12 the presence of the slats on the south side of the porch is not necessary .

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G7-Constructive section




G3-Alejandro Rubio-Constructive section

Loisa, Matías - Ongoing work: Re-interpreting Can Lis Thresholds

 Re-interpreting Can Lis windows to the new rising sun typology inspired on MD.

Dealing with specific problems:

  • Translation from fixed glass to window that allow the person to go outside. (lack of railing or frames, pool used as invisible obstacle to avoid balustrade).
  • Light transition, minimun threshold and semicovered protection.
  • Invisible interior-exterior transition: Location of the glass (hidden frame is not so important, but the location of the glass to avoid reflections that indicate the limit between interior and exterior).
  • Visual obstacles: roof (can be raise) and floor, which implies a problem for a wheelchair user.
  • Conversion from prismatic threshold to new curved typologies inspired on rising sun shape.

    Testing location of glass: inside threshold and on the interior:
Threshold studies: testing 11 different threshold for tangency and light shade.

G8 - Section Gugalun House - Down Syndrome


For people with Down syndrome need daily support from a person who will guide them in what we have to do in the day to day, so we propose a system whereby you have a list with all daily tasks and as you press one are marked one by one the steps you need to perform, that is, if as in this case we talk about setting the table the person would have to click on this action and first the closet lights where dishes are with a poster that highlights the action to execute, once arranged the dishes on the table, close the closet of the dishes and the next area would be the cupboard where the glasses and so on are then illuminated. In this case we have applied to the action of setting the table but could translate the remaining shares of the house adapting existing furniture in the house or creating new ones so that this system would get suppress the person making support


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Loisa, Matías - Ongoing work: "Los Señores de las Pequeñas Cosas"

All quotes from Jose Antonio Fortuny, 


“…Aproximadamente sobre las onces de la mañana un audaz rayo de sol penetra por mi ventana y viene a posarse sobre mi parietal izquierdo, provocándome un cálido y gustoso estremecimiento.

Entonces, cuando llega, yo dejo lo que estoy haciendo y empiezo a ladear con cuidado y parsimonia mi cabeza de un lado a otro buscando extender ese masaje revitalizador por la mayor superficie craneal posible. Es una delicia. Un regalo Exquisito…”


Mallorca Atmosphere simulation - 15 December

Introduced material: Bronze

Ancient material, related to mediterranean history.
The material ages (green patina as copper) as all the other materials in the house.

Summary of investigation up so far:

  • Maximize visual field and remaining senses (sight and hearing)
  • Take advantage of 1,4m meter height restriction
  • Activate memory through personal objects (phenomenological, minimal furniture is bad idea)
  • Maximize relation with nature as healing factor
  • Use invisible architecture to improve social relationships
  • Integrate standard terapeutic devices in architecture, the house shouldn´t look like a hospital.
  • Provide devices for intimacy and personal space. (autonomy is an important goal to people with MD, although it might not be easy at youth and among caregivers).

Reading the final chapters of the book helped on optimistic approach.

“… Y, Más fuerte que nunca, me percato de que ahora, nosotros, solistas de caladas fatídicas, que somos los Señores de las Pequeñas Cosas, que vivimos cada segundo del tiempo con este fervor, que lo dominamos tanto, somos… Somos, por fin, como inmortales…

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Jorge Martin Polo - Action

The house is in a very hard environment, rocks, sea, and trees are stronge forces in a landscape like this.

So, a child can see how his movility changes, his ratio of playing changes. 

He sees that he is losing a lot of things

A house that in a origin interact with the nature, becomes a jail with strong walls that dont permit to enjoy the nature

A natural element that interacts with the house being part of it and becoming a responability for the child can conect them and permit to the kid to do some actions that are good for his mind and body.
The kid doesn't lose the conection with the nature and learns  how to move in each situation

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Johannes Schneider- getting out of depression


Mónica Álvarez Sánchez

These drawings represent everyday cooking action . And the discomfort it causes the child such action due to noise.
Therefore , our structure helps you relax and in contact with the outside world and serves as a therapy to calm .

Sara García Amorós


The first image shows a mother with her son communicates through his hobby, know their world, understand it from within.
The second image is the solution proposed in the Lege home. It consists of a series of tours that communicate via a meeting area in the lower part of the house, where you can perform activities in contact with nature.