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Video 2

Exercise 2. Gonzalo Jiménez

Hello, I´m Gonzalo and I’m going to expose the three houses I have chosen and why.
The first house is Maison à Bordeaux by Rem Koolhaas. I chose it because I think the story and the architect’s solution are very interesting.  There are 3 floors, the bottom floor, is half buried in the hill, the middle floor is a glass box and the upper floor is like a dark box with little circles windows.

Another reason for my choice is the originally of the structure and his relation with the husband health that I think is so emotive. A big beam supports the house and a tensor cable balanced the forces.
The husband needs a wheelchair and for allow his mobility, the architect designed an elevator platform. That element is like another part of the husband’s body and is another part of each floor.

The second house is the U-House by Toyo Ito. I selected it because, in spite of be a sad story it has a purport. The architect had the intention to join the broken family and the U form allows them to see each other in an easier way.
Has two dark corridors that finishing in the children bedroom and mother bedroom respectively and converge in the U curve, a multi space for be together.
I think the lights and shadows that the house offers are very interesting, a light ray incident on the U curve and produce different effects which allows the family stay together in an immaculate space.

The last house I have chosen is the Rogers House in Wimbledon by Richard Rogers. I think this house is an opportunity for a son to can return his parents a little they give us in all our life. In this case, the couple asked their son, Richard Rogers, for a simple house with only two conditions, a medical consultation and a workshop to modeling clay. The solution enjoyed his parents especially his mum, she was not afraid of the bright colors and new forms. She was a very life women and loves the new things.

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