martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Excercise 3_Group7

     Maison à Bordeaux
First we wanted to highlight the house in Maison a Bordeaux that the different accesses that the house, in particular the access they are the essense of the house, the person in a wheelchair,  platform,  so he doesn't remenber exactly that condition. Also the nature that is around the house, Also occurs inside through to the second floor. 

   Lege House
In second house we think is the important to note that out respect for the trees and nature at the time of make al architecture. Just as the viewes of the sea that was this house. We Also find interesting that the trees go through the house.
It is al house with a very open structure to nature,  this is the essence,  that you are inside the house but you have the feeling that you are outside. 

  Mónica Álvarez
  Sara García
 Estefania Milla

6 comentarios:

  1. I like the idea of doing a comparation between two people with different possibilities for going upstairs. Very cool!

  2. In the Maison à Bordeaux,I see the architecture great but I haven't just understood the culture that inspired to do this house.
    I believe that the photo of the hands is very expressive seizing the tree. But, I, that in my group also we have chosen this house, don't understand too much good why the architecture is crooked and the people aren't in her and there are in the part as of below of the trees.

    1. maria thanks for your comment , the house is turned because we wanted in the section of the house to put a photo integrated with nature will see inside the house , the photo would not fit unless turn the photo .
      thank you for all your comments

  3. Maison à Bordeaux
    I like the solid forms but i agree with Maria. The elements that formed this house are not clear. And perhaps you could change the silhouettes to something more realistic

  4. i think you must change silhouettes, too. it look like a signboard or an advertisement

  5. I see the two collages well realised. Although i think that in the house in Lège should be given more importance to the fact that the trees pierce the house, like house pillars. In my opinion this is the main feature.