jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Exercice 1, Video- Pau González Sánchez

In a world where the architecture  undergoes a process of decadence, something in the mind of the really architects works nonetheless.
Beaches are full of similar houses, the brick conquer both the sand and the land. But the ``artchitecture´´ conquer more than a piece of land, I´m talking about the mind of the people.
Is necessary that an architect prints the live of the users in the construction to make something material an tells their story, criticize a society, or express what you need.

Maison à Bordeaux by Rem Koolhaas.
In the 90´s, Rem Koolhaas designed a universe for a rich man, using the architecture to do a piece of art, composing a new life.
In my opinion, is extraordinary the way he walks to end his project, concluding it, in a personal universe. Constructed with a functional and metaphoric intention, I think, it´s a universal house that can be used by all the incapacitated people.
But you can´t know the significate of the house if you aren´t the wheelchair man. For this reason, the utility and significate of the house, made a personal piece of art.

U house by Toyo Ito.
This house, with It´s light-games and it´s closed design, is a mirror of the tragical situation that his family lives.

The closed design of the house, is the reflect of the father´s dead and the felt of their families and him about the problem that they lived.
The same situation lived by the Japanese culture, made the inspiration to do  the light-games of the interior of the House, telling the live of the people, who lives there.

Anbar Villaje by Peter Barber.
Finally, Barber´s house, show´s the critical irony of the architect about the Islamic state and their dogmatic laws.
The irony that he use in the construction, is the soul is the soul of the house, reflected in the situation of the rooms, doing only one door, or the singular places to see the mans in their rooms.
All these thing are assembled in a particular creation, with the face of a traditional Islamic house.

What can you do to build a significative architecture?
Talk about a story, feel all the sensations like a users, they are telling you their stories, and you must print these stories in your creation.

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