viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Excercice 1. Video

After reading the diferent stories of these houses. I have experimented differents sensations, but the more i liked were are the follow:

"Maison à Bordeaux" by Rem Koolhaas, Ville Anbar by Peter Barber and The U-House by Toyo Ito.

The first one, its about a wealthy couple who wanted to build a house. After an accident the husband became disabled and he needed a wheelchair, so they had to adapt their plans. Which strikes me most is the solution by the architec, use a elevator platform for the wheelchair, so he could access to these levels, and the metaphor for the life of the husband, which depends on the guy wire balancing loads and the health of the husband.

My second home chosen is the Ville Anbar by Peter Barber.
Mrs Anbar, a widow, trust to design all the house to the architec and i think that the solution is very interesting. In first, the woman is another widow, so her life is different to the rest of city, and every years, Mr Anbar life half-year in London, so she has a mixed of cultures. I think the house facing the country policy with the mentality of the woman. I find it very interesting as the house is focused beyond the gaze of visitors.

The last one, is about another women whose husband die. Now, the architec is the brother of the widow and he has to design a new house for the broken family. The woman, would the house was a L-house form, in order to see her daugthers every time, but in a conversation with her brother, the both decided the house was a U-House. I like the idea for the both dark corredors and the light was in the arc of the U. This was a multi-use space used for playing, dining and meditating. 21 years later, the family was leaving the house. Finally these was empty and was demolished.

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