jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Exercise 1 - Stories of houses - Gonzalo Gordero


Here, in this video, I am explaining why I have selected these three stories from "Stories of Houses": “Home in Baiao”, Soto Moura, "The house of Corrubeido", David Chipperfield and "Can Lis", Jorn Utzon.
I show some pictures of the houses, pictures where you can see that all of them have something in common, nature and an eviroment where they can live in peace. The architects tried to avoid the stress of the big cities and made these houses where anyone could disturb them. Jorn Utzon went to Mallorca leaving his project "Opera of Sidney"and looking for a new place wher he cuold live with his wife in peace.
The best place for them was the nature, the house should be in contact with the nature,sea, trees, mountains, sun, the brave sea braking his waves with the house.
When I was a child, I wanted to live in a tree house. Nowadays my idea hasn´t change so much. I think if doesn´t matter the size of the house, the most important it is a place where I feel good.
These architects tried to do that, live in calm, live in places where you can relax, places where you can avoid the artificial constructions to live in contact with the nature, getting the best of the house enviroment. 

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