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Excersie 2. Video Jose de Jesus Veloz Martinez

Exercise 2. video   Jose de Jesús Veloz Martínez



Integration to nature




On the basis of these principles 3 came over the rest

The choosen projects are:

The Bordeaux house.


Bordeaux France

The building is located on a hill looking over the city of Bordeaux and the Garone river,

This Project varied due to a father’s disability. So the architect creates a private world in a house for him. Giving total movability to the handicapped by creating an elevating platform.

The volumetry plays with solid mass and empty space, it is confined to create a platform, while the heavy volume seems to hover

Colored concrete, steel and glass are construction materials, openly exposed in a neat and sincere architectural solution. With panoramic views to the landscape, yet keeping the privacy of the family.

Aktion Poliphile


Wiesbaden, Germany,

This project inspired in an allegory to a 15 century book 'Hypnerotomachia Poliphili'.

Somehow this is interpreted and the characters transform to Saturn and Delia , two opposite entities that represent the  complementary opposites. one is strong, ancient, while the other is young, delicate and nimble

From this metaphor the dwelling is created in two different buildings, one that is solid and dark, looking back to the tradition.

in  contraposition, the other is light and actual

Stretto house


Dallas, Texas

In this project the landscape includes a river with 3 waterfalls, that create a continuous ripple that recalls music, thus, the idea is to materialize the music into building.

bass notes become solid masses that bed the service areas, as the strings materializes into curved ceilings that link the spaces rhythmically.

The building translates the landscape and its sounds to forms and spaces. Performed with local Texan building materials and tradition.

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