jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Video (Exercise 1) - Yuriy Vatrala

Hello, my name is Yuriy and I will explain my criterias of election. On the first place the house should have some relation with the nature; it shouldn’t be aggressive for its environment. It has to improve the everyday life, making it easier.

Let`s begin with The first house, I`ve chosen, Can Lis by Jorn Utzon; because of the integration of this house in the environment, using the method of combining colours and scale according to the medium using natural materials, like Stone.

The next house I have select is the house in la Moraleja by Miguel Fisac. This one is interesting for me because when the engineer has convinced the architect to create his house, he has imposed some conditions: the first one is that he will respect the oak trees and another was that he will improve his investigations about the concrete, because the house is near the airport, that means much noise when the planes are taking off, but here Miguel Fisac has designed a flexible White concrete, making the house sound proof noise.

The last house is The Naked House in Kawagoe, by Shigeru Ban. I`ve chosen this because the Japanese architecture try to join the nature with the everyday life. But the real reason I did this choice, is because in this house, the architect uses materials like rice paper for isolation, interior facade from carton paper, and recycled paper; introducing new materials to the construction and giving new face to the house. Creating the connected atmosphere between the exterior and interior of the house with trans lucid facade and cover.

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