domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2014

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After reading all the stories of the diferent houses I´ve chosen three of them, but I have to say that I could have chosen many other more. This three houses are Maison à Bordeaux by Rem Koolhaas,House in Lège by Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal and House in a Plum Grove (Tokyo), by Kazuyo Sejima.

The reasons about my selections are mainly the following:

I’ve chosen the Maison à Bordeaux
because a like so much how the architect built the house. I think is a complex house with a very good structure with only three legs and with a  pull cable metal to contrarrest the moment that is generated in the house. Another thing that I like about this house is the constructive solutions that Koohaas has designed to the wheelchair.

I’ve chosen the House in Lège because I like the relationship between the house and the vegetation and how the architects have desingned the constructive solution to build the house with six trees in the midle and floating above the ground. The foundation consisted in twelve micropiles rammed 10 metres into de ground and on the top of them a metal structure which allow for a people walk undernearth the house. To allow the tree movement, the architects have designed rubber collar fastened the trunks to skylight. This constructive solution keep the house completely raimproof, too.

And the third house, House in a Plum Grove, I’ve chosen this house because I like so much how Kazuyo has designed a big house in a small place with a lot of spaces where everyone who live in the house can go according to their moods, wanting to be alone or with other person. This house has only 77,68 m2 distribuited in two floors, which has very thin metal walls with 5cm to outer walls and 2 cm to inner walls.

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