jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

Maryam Rahimli (Exercise2)

   Firstly I would like to explain my elections with one drawing. I love nature and music over silence. These components  calm our soul and create new ideas. So, you don`t know how time passes. And my all choices are close by my this opinion.
   My choices:     House in Lege (by Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal)
                          Blas House in Sevilla la Nueva, Madrid (by Alberto Campo Baeza)
                          The Stretto House in Dallas (by Steven Holl)
   My first choice is House in Lege. Architects actually have combined architecture and nature. I liked this house, because I really saw respect to nature and most of elements have been taken from nature. If we pay attention to plan, we can see that architects have located all rooms in one side of building, there is a large area in front of rooms. And house located above the ground. These 2 reasons help to relax and to dream with watching view of nature. The insulation both underneath and on the sides of the house was protected from the seaside environment by a layer of corrugated aluminium sheeting. Since the corrugation laid perpendicular to the bay, the aluminium sheeting echoed the glitter of the water and illuminated the space beneath the house, creating an artificial sky.
   Blas House in Sevilla la Nueva, Madrid. Building consists of 2 parts: opaque and transparent part.  If we look at this part of the plan, we can see that there is definite symmetry. I think when architect read the book of poetry, he saw rhyme in the end of each line of poem. But one factor breaks this rule: the window. Probably there is some place inside for professor which is better to work with natural light. It is important to note that this building is not suitable for cold climate. Because house is located inside of relief and the material of the first box is concrete. It means that the first floor will be cold independently of heating system and isolation.
   And the last one is the Stretto House in Dallas. This house really connects and combines a lot of things in itself. In other words it is harmony and this harmony makes extraordinary this building. When I looked at this house first time, shapes of roofs attracted me. I think why curved roof, not another type? Top view of house explained it: we see that there is a river around of house and bending roofs. The roofs create shade and light illegally under sun and it is harmony with environment. A lot of usage of glass show that the architect has wanted to create natural space with shadows of trees, sky and more view of nature from inside of the house. Another question: why a lot of parts? In my point of view the architect have wanted to make alike parts of the house to notes of the melody, facade and relief are dancing under sounds...
                                                                                                                                Maryam Rahimli

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