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Exercise 1.- Javi Godoy

After reading the blog houses stories, I decided to select three houses where the behavior, development and human evolution define the project.

NAKED HOUSE, by Shigeru Ban
Shigeru Ban designed a house that had to encourage the relationship between the members of a three generations family. He creates a common space where members can communicate and interact. Private spaces for each member of the family are organized by four mobile, cubicle bedrooms.
The open-plan and neutral space of the shed can be organized and transformed as needed by moving the bedrooms, they even can be drawn out to the garden through the large window on the western facade.

The story starts when his wife, Berta, bought a small pink bungalow in a bourgeois neighbourhood.
The architect wanted to make the little pink bungalow look more important than it was by following the guidelines of Marcel Duchamp. Gehry made an extension to the ground floor which wrapped the little house on three sides. The old house appeared, in that way, as a familiar object within the new house. He was fascinated with cheap materials like chain link fencing, plywood and galvanised corrugated iron.
This house is interesting because it is able to adapt to successive evolutions and changes in family housing being in a constant process of construction.

It started with the City Council showing interest in renovating a deteriorated neighbourhood in the centre of Granada known for prostitution, which led to Juan Domingo Santos receiving a commission to renovate one of the old brothels. Observing basic principles of community life, the architect sought to generate the project from the neighbours’ interests. By negotiating about parts of their dwellings, a game was established which allowed all members to enjoy spaces that they had been longing for.

In the house of Shigeru Ban, the common area is organized and adapted to the needs of the family, appearing a dynamic and changing space. At home of Frank Gehry, the house can be in continuous process of construction according to the evolution of the family. These projects are considered over time. Finally , these changes over time, Juan Domingo Santos have to be agreed to community, individuals and individual interests disappear.

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