jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Exercise 1 (Video) - Jorge Martín Polo

I have chosen these three houses because they are the easiest houses to see because all of them are in Spain. I want to prouve that in this country we have good architecture. In this periode of crisis people have lost a lot of hope in the architecture and I would like to recover this energy in the good projects. I would like to travel a lot to discover different cultures as living way and the architectural way but stay here and increase our culture mixing all the opportunities we have for being a plural country.

We can see it in the houses from Granada, neighboourdhood of San Matias, where a lot of people of different cultures work together for a common good. They started a movement thinking in their beneficts but also in what they could do for others, not only for people that can give something to them, even for others giving a lot of opportunities for sharing cultures.

Also, we can see the culture in the house of Sevilla la Nueva, where the inspiration was given from a poem and we can see a strong difference between two elements where feelings make the shape of the house. With that, we have different experiences in the same space.

And the last one, the house from Can Lis and its replicate Can Feliz, where the emotions between the lanscape and the feelings of people that live inside work together for creating a line of spaces. The conection in this house with the nature make an isolation living with the nature.

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