jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

Exercise 1 (Video) - Sara García Amorós


Hello, my name is Sara and I will explain the criterios of my election.
In the first place, I chose Villa Anbar by Peter Barber, is strongly influenced by religion and politics.This culture is organized around a central cortyard. This house has a division between men and women, and it's very interesting.
However, the architect used the project as a protest culture. He designs small windows where we can see without being seen. He also proposed a single gateway for all.

In the second place, I chose Maison à Bordeaux by Rem Koolhaas, a project that follows a disability. It's very interesting the connection between the project and the user, a platform.
There is a division of spaces according to uses of day or night uses, and he also separates the public use and the private use. In the project we can observe a number of vertical connections, such as the library.

Finally, I chose a small house for a kolonihaven by Enric Miralles. I am interested in this project because it has a direct relation with the nature, so the small house was to observe the vegetation.
The architect defined as a calendar house.
I find it very interesting the way in which the plan is obtained through the motions of her daughter. so, the house adapts to the user and not vice versa.
The house has 3 parts, each of a size and in increasing order, so they got to represent time and growth stages.

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