viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

Usual situations and Architectonic solutions ( Evolutive home )


Its owner, an English parliament with high purchasing power. His disease, Stargardt. Degenerative disease of the macula. During his most splendid stage in parliament, the disease begins to manifest.
This meant that, unable to fulfill its obligations as he would have liked, was forced to leave his job and retire

The initial idea is to use this parliamentary holiday home as a primary residence after retirement. The house was also built in this way.

The house rose to integrate into the landscape due to its location in protected area. Its large windows are thought to enjoy its natural environment.


The property is projected using all the resources that can lead to help the user; it is he who during the evolution of his illness uses them in an intuitive way.

Considering, the disease degenerates and becomes acute over the years, not all resources we included, have utility since its inception: light, color and touch, are the main resources, elements that initially can be decorative random, help in the future be able to live with the disease.
Light and proper lighting is essential for creating any project and still more when they have difficulties in vision, stays lit and light guides to frame shapes and help to spatial vision.
What seemed a coincidence of color, with advanced disease helps the user to its location in space, differentiation of rooms and elements within these. The color tone within the same room can differentiate a door wall.

Finally the stage of partial or total blindness, the tactile stimulus is their only way of stimulus and perception. The use of floor textures that emulate the environment: smooth = safe area (green area, open space) and roughness = obstacles (rocky area) helps alert the user of impending danger.

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