viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

G8 - Down Syndrome

" An old farmhouse in the mountains of Switzerland, which for generations had belonged to an alpine farmer's family, had been passed on to their direct descendants. These descendants, now living in the city, approached the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor in 1990 to modernise the house for their holidays, yet "without loosing its magic".
After a year spending their holidays there, the couple awaiting the birth of her second child, so they will do that this apartment your habitual residence. After nine months of pregnancy, born a little girl, but her dreams and projects are truncated when told that her daughter has Down syndrome.

From now on, parents focus their attention on the little girl. Understand the problems and needs of the girl is your first objective. After primary care, to promote the capabilities of the little girl to grow and develop without any problem. The property is undergoing change and adapting to the needs of the child, which gradually gets older "


In this picture I wanted to show the order that exists in a person with Down syndrome for which things always develop in the same way and they haven´t curiosity to experience if they could be done differently. Taking a picture as is the approximate gugalun section of the house with different rooms if we turn this picture into a puzzle and we suggest doing a "normal" child and a child with Down syndrome, whereas a normal child try to move the parts of place because being all the same form without looking too much into the original photo just to complete the puzzle, a child with Down syndrome would be fixed only on the image, because the procedure has been taught to make any puzzle, and go step by step until finally completing its shape fits perfectly with the original


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