viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

G_04 Microarchitecture

Our recreation of Retinitis Pigmentosa is building a head wrap that recreates the anxiety, the burden and stress that feels to blind people. At the height of the eyes we have created a prism whose walls are coated with a reflective material so that the reflections suffer light changes are present. An opaque grid made of black fabric with an opening almost completely prevents the vision and blue cellophane recreates the difficulty of differentiating elements with similar colors. The touch sensitivity is linked with increasing temperature, therefore making structures covering the arms and hands, leaving the fingertips exposed, it is crucial to increase the sensitivity in my hands. To develop the sense of hearing, an amplifier and headphones have been sufficient.

Regarding Enhamed, we wanted to emphasize the influence the moods of people and the importance this has for the personal developmen. The main idea is to eliminate bad habits in daily behavior, from behavior to simply thoughts. A liquid material called thermochromic ink, described in terms of color, the mood of a person. If we relate this with a player who should hear what issue or do depending on the mood, help counter the most difficult moments of blind people.

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