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G6- Continuation of the smith family

This is our first idea for the continuation from the Smith family:

After 10 years, George is like 60 years old, and his daughter lives with him, with her husband and her 3 children. He tries to hold the family together because the house is too big for him alone and his family helps him to not get alone all day in his room. As you remember he has ruined his art collection but now he wants to remake it to give his life a sense, but not from famous artists, by himself. He wants to continue his wife work because he thinks that its not right to destroy memories of his wife because his family should remember her as a part of the family. He begins to draw by himself, hes depressed but he tries to not show it to his family because they get upset when he closes himself in. He tries to look happy but in the deep part his depressed because he misses his wife. He sees Painting as a personal therapy.
One day his son arrives to his home and sees the work of his parent and is impressed by his talent and wants to publish it. He talk with his sister and decide to open his talent to world. So they talk with him and decide that the best way to show his collection is to convert his house in a museum (john soane).
The end of this idea is to show to george that his work is great so he will get more comfortable with his work and in the end he will be able to leave the hose and show his work in  public museums. He attracts people and people attract him. His artistic room will be the center of the house and will be converted to a hidden place, difficult to reach.
In the end he will escape learn to handle the depression by showing of his work and giving a life a sense and giving him a reason to get up each morning. His private room is the heart of the house as his wife is the center of his heart.

10 years have past, and George Smith has reached the age of 60 by the time. His daughter lives with him in . The size of the stretto house, which he addquiered as a resident with his dead wife, is way too big for George by himself, so shares it with his daughter, her husband and her 3 children. The dead of his wife threw him into a deep depression which his family is really worried about. He starts to paint, in honor of his dead wife, to countiuou her memory.

George starts closing himself in in his room to dedicate all his time to his paintings. After leaving his room only for eating and forbidding everybody to enter, for some time his family starst to get worried about him and decide to talk with him. After a long talk they convince him to let them in his room and are amazed about his work. Finaly they convince him to show his work to more people than just his family and decide to hang his art all around the house so all visitors could see it.

Representing the love to his wife and the pain that her dead produces in her helps George to deal with thoose feelings, and with the suport of his family to countinu drawing gives him motivation and makes painting his new passion, and at the same time his own personal therapy of dealing with the problem.

After 6 month of painting and showing of his art in his own house, one of his sons friends comes over to dinner and is amazed by the change that George has produced in his own house. The friend has the idea of converting the whole house in kind of a museum, dividing it into public and personal spaces, letting Georges room be the artistic heart of the house, that spreads the art all over the house.

Finally the house gets converted into a labirith of spaces configured by paintings that hang down from the ceeling and divide the big spaces from the house into small corridors, that evoke the mind and feelings from the artist.

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