viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Microarchitecture - Muscular Distrophy -G3

 Loisa, Matías
Muscular Distrophy  Microarchitecture

The project key feature ia a clock or meter that measures the remaining body movement of the user (as if it where a person with MD). Visual indicators are important to show the user his remaining movement constantly (psicological impact).
When the person reaches extenuation the suit frezees.

CONSEQUENCE: The user will have to restrain his movements and save them for what is really important, in life.

TEXT provided by A.H.E.D.Y.S.I.A. foundation during visit, by Marta Maristany (also asperger specialist):


Kenzaburo Oé, (1994 japanese Nobel prize) "a personal matter": narrates the history of how a father deals with the news of his newborn child´s disease. Very explicit japanese style.
Parents are also important for the architecture, as users of a house and caregiver of the child.

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