viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

Group 3_Muscular Distrophy

Six years have passed since Jørn Utzon´s dead. The family has retaken control of the house,

after struggling with organizations that claimed it to be patrimony of humanity, now they can

enjoy they house for themselves as a second house or shared family holiday home.

The family tree has spread, there are many Utzon grandchildren and many more great-

grandchildren, they use to spend some holiday time on the Mallorca´s house by taking turns,

although sometimes they overlap and it becomes a great family summit where brothers,

cousins, uncles and friends spend quality time in the sunny spanish island, away from their

routine and their cold, dark and depressive Scandinavian weather.

But now the family faces a challenge, an Utzon´s grandson: Timo and his wife Bjørk have a son,

Tor that has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. They are reluctant to spend some holiday time in

Can Lis, because Tor´s dependency has worsen the last years, taking it to the extent that he

has to use a wheelchair most of the time, and he will continue losing mobility as time goes by.

Her mother is particulary worried about being away from all the specialist that Tor sees every

week: physiotherapist, doctors, nutritionist, occupational therapist, psychologist, masseuse

and the list goes on, they won´t be available in Mallorca.

Tor´s father, Timo, says there´s nothing to worry about:

-He will be fine… I have spent every summer in that house, you don´t need the doctors, you

don´t need wifi, tv or internet, the place is great: the views, the nature, the sun, the beautiful

house. Everytime I came back to Denmark from Can Lis I felt better, as if I refilled my batteries.

It´s going to be good for Tor, Grandpa Jørn knew what he was doing.

Bjørk is not sure about it, lately Tor has shown signs of rebellion, it could be due to the

frustration of his condition or because he´s a teenager, probably both. Sometimes it seems like

he´s just another kid that wants to play and make noise, but other times he seems distant, as

he needed some space and time for his own, to meditate and catch up with everything that´s

going on with his life. Bjørk is worried about how he is going to deal the presence of cousins

and friends during holidays. She finally decides they need to make some changes in the house

to make Tor´s stay more easy and pleasant, Grandpa Jørn knew a lot of architects, it´s not

going to be difficult to find one who can help them with their situation…


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