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Group 1: Parkinson's Disorder. House Aktion Poliphile. Story of House/Family

Proyect 4: Group 1
Escaping from the traffic noise of Wiesbaden, in Germany, the Koening family decided to fulfill their dream of living near the woods. In order to do so, they organized an international competition in 1989 between young architects. In the invitation, they made it clear that they did not look for "the world's most beautiful house, nor a house for an astronaut, a politician, a painter or a sculptor, but a house for an ordinary citizen."
House of Delia is a house of healing, of youth and of restoration. Therefore it will be a house of therapy.


the house that was once “for an ordinary citizen”, will now become the house for a person with a  neurodegenerative disorder

The Koening Family: (Parents with two children) have lived in the Aktion Poliphile House since 1992, last year the mother was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, aged 65. The Family have decided to make changes to their house, They know the disorder is progressive and their desire is to prevent the disease from getting worse.
They have contacted an architectural firm to make important and relevant adaptations to the house. Instead of contacting the previous architects (Studio Granda) they have decided to make contact with an architectural practice that has specialized in designing adaptations to houses for people with Neurodegenerative disorders. The Family has put importance on using the concept of house of Delia (health, youth, and well being) in the design of the adaptation, which is most relevant now more than ever. Now the family want to focus on the fact that even when the body is gradually affected, the mind will stay clear, and to give mother the means to keep her intellectually active and in control of the house’s appliances.

The Family believe it was a good decision to move from the inner city to the rural outskirts of Wiesbaden to avoid the stress of the city.

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