viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2014

G8 - Section Gugalun House - Down Syndrome


For people with Down syndrome need daily support from a person who will guide them in what we have to do in the day to day, so we propose a system whereby you have a list with all daily tasks and as you press one are marked one by one the steps you need to perform, that is, if as in this case we talk about setting the table the person would have to click on this action and first the closet lights where dishes are with a poster that highlights the action to execute, once arranged the dishes on the table, close the closet of the dishes and the next area would be the cupboard where the glasses and so on are then illuminated. In this case we have applied to the action of setting the table but could translate the remaining shares of the house adapting existing furniture in the house or creating new ones so that this system would get suppress the person making support


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