viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014


We raised the issue of making the bed for a person with down syndrome which should learn the steps and apply them mechanically. To facilitate this work we have developed a easier and faster way to do it, which consist of a mechanism formed by three zippers arranged around the mattress and a zipper on each of the sheets whereupon first hooked the bottom sheet to its corresponding zipper, then the next sheet to his zipper and finally the bedcover to yours. With this mechanism in the mornings just have to make each of the three zippers is firmly closed and you will be well groomed your bed.

Following working with the idea of improving the bed for our illness we have created a bed that can be moved in height to create a kind of stairs to people with Down syndrome (especially children) can do their daily exercises psychomotor to improve mobility. Is a mechanism by which the mattress divided into 9 equal rectangles which can be lifted separately each to a position 1 with a height of 25 cm above the initial level of the mattress to a second position or height of 50 cm about the mattress, thereby being able to play many different ways.


We have also raised the issue of the dishes for a person with Down syndrome who must learn the steps and mechanically apply.

We have created a manual dishwasher where people with Down syndrome can improve their superior psychomotor through the motions for washing dishes.

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