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EXPRESS WORKSHOP by Ferran Grau (All cities in the same post)

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La Plata

Adrián Andrés
Jaime Sastre
María Bonmatí

Relationing city whit the nature


Alejandro  Abreu
Linda Findeiss
Jesús Veloz
The aim is to continue the glass façade of the city horizontally, so it covers the street and part of the gardens, protecting from rain, shaping the structure as a wave, towards the sea.

Santiago de Chile
Maryam Rehimli
Matteo Pozzi
Johannes Schneider

Mónica Álvarez Sánchez
Estefania Milla Barrios
Sara Gárcia Amoros

To begin we want to say that Tarragona grew in the 50s with the building of Plaza Tarraco Imperal which marked and after and a before in the city.
Later in 1992 the city hall did a expansion plan that after this became a prolangation of other plan, forming the Nova square.
We think the most important place is the port center because is the first point of economy in the city.
For as, the most interesting places are the port center and the places that are relacionated with the university.
In ancien, Tarragona was roman city. And in nowadays, the city preserves the Roman wall, and the three places most important are Cathedral, Roman theatre and the aqueduc.
Finally, Tarragona coexists with tourism and industry, personally we think that people who visit this city their target is relacionated with holidays because few people want to be living near the toxic factories.

We think that arquitecture is also rehabilitation, use those places again that were important in some time. Because of we have decide to rehabilitate the Roman baths, to help the people to be more relax not only at the sea. Our target is promote tourism in the history city center, noy only on the coast. 
Can learn, in this way people the culture that dominated this city one day. 
So we are creating two points of economy and culture in the city.

Group 02
Andreas Leonidou
Beatriz Burrueco Gómez
María Juan Prats

Barcelona: Group 03
Loisa, Matías
Martín Polo, Jorge
Rubio Cebrián, Alejandro
Catalonian separatists gathering square


Group 8 - redesign of the global center 


Group 5 - Gonzalo Jiménez Martínez, Pau González Sánchez, Agustín Juan Castelló 

Gruop 9 - Ignacio Mirallave Capó . Heros Cuneo Gómez . Darío Lisón Campillo

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